Matlock Bath Aquarium

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The Petrifying Well

A Source of curiosity and amazement


Almost forgotten now, this is the only remaining working well left in Matlock Bath, where several wells once existed and were visited by thousands of Victorian trippers.

Here you can come and see the ‘petrifying’ process taking place as the famous Matlock Bath thermal water is sprayed onto objects gradually 'turning them to stone'. The water is rich in minerals, particularly calcium from the local limestone. This heavily mineralised water evaporates leaving a deposit of calcium carbonate and lime salts on the objects placed in it, ‘turning them to stone’

See the 'petrified' bowler hat and pint glass above, these are just a couple of our wide selection of over 100 objects that are displayed within the well viewing area that have been petrified over the years. Many of these items are originals from the old Victorian wells.
In Victorian days such objects were much sort after and the local people used to sell them as curios.